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FACTS about the artist

  • My name is Shannon, which is an Irish name meaning old and wise.
  • I live in Tennessee but am originally from Arizona.
  •  I have always gravitated towards music and art. It naturally found its way into my life at a very young age.
  • I am always searching for the meaning in things, big or small.
  • I have an identical twin sister.                                                               Her name is Haley and she is a graphic designer and illustrator.    (Click the link at the bottom to see her awesome work!)


  •  Takes on many forms of organized chaos.                                          
  •  I love to create what I call abstract visual puzzles.                                  The outcome is seldom the same but the process is always intuitive and spontaneous.
  • I don't stick to a particular medium and switch things up a lot. I do use a lot of pencil and pen to add back into mixed media collages.

Why ART?

This is how I choose to express and share my unique perspective.

Above all else, art gives me an avenue to use pure imagination to make my thoughts and ideas become real... and it's fun!


Where to find my work...